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A History of Acheivements

  • 1918: The only Muslim Technical Institution established by Late Syed Ahmed Hassan and renowned Muslims of Ludhiana (India). Initially it had the name of "Jagjeet Birdwood Engineering College".Jagjeet was the Maharaja of Kapurthala state. A handsome Grant-in-Aid was awarded every year by the aforesaid state of Maharaja Jagjeet. Sir Abdul Hameed the Dewan of Maharaja was the Patron-in-Chief of this institute. It was recognized by Sir Birdwood, the commander-in-Chief of Royal Indian Army. The perceptive vision of its founders was the prosperity and welfare of the Muslim students of Indo-subcontinent by offering the highest quality technical education. The Civil Engineering classes were started in the same year.

    Since then everything that AHPI has done, is doing and will continue to do it within the spirit of that overall purpose and objective of its pioneers. We remain committed to providing our students with the motivation to grow, continuing to make their complex technical world as simple as possible.

    1923 - 27: With the permission of Punjab Government Electrical Engineering classes along with Civil Engineering were started. Courses of City and Guild University London for Electrical Supervisor and Electrical Technicians were also introduced during this period.

    Deliberated and un-paralleled efforts were made by Mr. J.G Cowie "Directorate of industries Punjab" to recognize this institute and named it "School for Electricians".

    1932-36: This was the time when it's active cooperation and loyal endeavors in the society started. This institute was registered as School for Electricians, with Government of Punjab and started receiving Grant-in-Aid from the Government.

    1942- 45: During the World War II training for Services-men and Ex-servicemen of the Royal Indian army was provided in all technical fields. Beside this the institute also took part in the social work and rehabilitation activities.

    1947-51: Being a Muslim Technical Institute, it was registered in the Lahore, Pakistan. Since then it has been serving the Nation in the field of technical education and playing a significant role in the development of country to make it strong.

    In 1948 The Department of Manpower and Training, Government of Pakistan started a training scheme for Radio Technician to encounter the skilled workforce requirement in a newly born country. We came forward and successfully met the needs of that time.

    1952-57: A joint venture was signed between Pakistan Western Railways and this Institute. Under this scheme Telegraphy courses were started to train the Station Masters. More than 100 Station Masters are trained from all over the Pakistan Railways.

    1958-1962: During these years Government of Pakistan started a unique rehabilitation scheme for Juvenile Inmates undergoing life term in District and Borstal Jails of Lahore. The college comes forward with its civic vision and provides technical training to 300 young prisoners at District Jail so that they could earn respectable livelihood and take active part in national development.

    1963-76: This was very crucial period for Pakistan history, as we had to bear the massive disastrous lost in the form of separation of East Pakistan. In this crucial moment we stepped forward for financial support of Pakistan Army and Government of Pakistan. Relief camps for war victims were provided inside the college campus. Many important personalities visited the college campus in this critical moment and admired our un-paralleled efforts. Some of those important personalities are the following
    Mr. Muhammad Yousaf
    (CSP Director of Industries of West Paksitan-1964)
    Mr. Ghulam Qadir
    (Federal Minister for Prisons and Aqaf-1966)
    Mr. Majeed Mufti
    (CSP Director of Industries of West Paksitan-1973)

    1977: During this year we achieved the following destinations:
    • Became the only private institute whose staff had written Books on Electrical Courses for Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. Pakistan
    • Engineering Company Ltd. (PECO) selected this institute for Basic and Advance training courses and send 9 apprentices for the period of one year.

    The Principal was Master of Ceremonies of the following TV programs aired on PTV Network.
    1. Five programs on Electrician courses.
    2. Five programs on Tractor Maintenance.
    3. Eight programs on Mechanical Farming.

    1978-80:"Overseas Pakistan foundation" started Vocational courses at this institute and trained 600 students. "Punjab Board of Technical Education" Organized a Teacher's Training workshop in 1978. Two of our teachers stood first and second in this workshop.

    "Mechanised Construction of Pakistan" select this institute to test students to be sent abroad on company's projects. Our tested students are successfully working on various projects in Iraq and else-where.

    It was the only private institution whose principal was selected as the Member of Paper Setter's Committee of the Punjab Board of Technical Education. This was the testimony of trustworthiness of this institution.

    1980: The principal of this institute had continuously been nominated as Member of Punjab Board of Technical Education for a period of 10 consecutive years.

    1981: In addition to School for Electricians (SFE), Ahmed Hassan Polytechnic Institute (AHPI) was established. DAE in four technologies (Electrical, Civil, Electronics and Architecture) and Diploma in Business Administration were started.

    In 1984 we successfully completed three years DAE, courses while the other polytechnic institutes remained closed due to student's strikes and disturbance. This was the only Institution whose students and staff worked hard to complete their diploma courses within due time. This shows the level of discipline at our Institution.

    1985: Mr. Majid Naqvi (Late), the Principal was Master of Ceremonies of 12 TV programs on Mechanical Farming, 5 programs on Electrical Systems and 13 programs on Computer Introduction. All these programs were highly appreciated at national level.

    1987: Mr. Majid Naqvi (Late), the Principal was appointed as consultant on Vocational Education by the World Bank, in Punjab. The Government of N.W.F.P. sent 40 students of Gadoon Division, to be trained at this institute, in various technologies. This project was financed by US Aid

    1991: The only institute from Pakistan which participated in International Gulf Education & Training Exhibition held in Dubai.

    1998: Started Bachelor of Technology classes in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical and Civil Technology, under Lahore College of Information Technology (LCIT ).

    1999-02: Under the Certification of BISE Lahore (Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education),ICS, F.A, FSc, and I.Com classes were started under LCIT. COMSAT University has started DEO training classes, at this college for Ministry of Science and Technology Islamabad. Computer training to 200 Telecom Officers of Punjab Police was conducted

    2001: This institute was made computer training center for Civil Secretariat Staff, around 600 people were trained.

    2002: Chairman, National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB), awarded shield for rendering Voluntary National Services for Data Sorting, Sifting and Data Entry of National Reconstruction Information Management System (NARIMS).

    Since 2005; Mr. Sameer Hassan Naqvi Principal/Manager of this institute is hosting a chain of Educational Programs with US Overseas Students at FM 103.

    2008: Evening Shift Classes for D.A.E, BS. Tech were started.

    2010: Started classes of BFA/B.Arch.

    2011: LCIT Started BS Tech., Program in Electrical, Electronics and Civil Engineering with the affiliation of University of Sargodha.